Branch 79 OWCP Information:                           

  • Consult with your Shop Steward and/or call the Branch Office as soon as possible after accident or injury occurs
  • Employee has burden of proof to establish a medical condition, and that it is work related (Branch will help members with this)
  • Present medical evidence and your duties as a carrier clearly and accurately
  • Retirement & OWCP – consider how they might effect each other
  • Claim Forms – ask Steward or Branch Office how to fill them out & track their progress
  • Carrier & Steward: Keep copies of all employer, union, and medical papers
  • Example of carrier’s duties for his or her doctor


Download OWCP Articles and Forms:

Seventy-Niner article The Occupational Disease, continued September 2006

Seventy-Niner article Compensation Corner September 2007

CA-1: Federal Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation

CA-2: Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation

 CA-17: Duty Status Report

 CA-7: Claim for Compensation

 CA-7a: Time Analysis Form, used for claiming compensation, including  repurchase of paid leave

CA-35: Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease ​​